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Not your average Fitness Studio. Not your average Tuner.

 What you tune into, you just might turn into :)

with over 25 years experience in fitness and athletics, I have dedicated myself to helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals.  my passion for fitness and my success in my own personal training career has driven me to motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle, and inspire and guide others to continually improve and progress in a fun and friendly environment.

my home studio offers a wide range of fitness equipment and accessories. with 1000 sq. footage of gym space, full amenities and with my lifetime experience in fitness & athletics, my knowledge in nutrition & wellness, my canfitpro personal training specialist certification, yogafit instructor certification & rexist360 band instructor certification, I am confident that I can assist you in your fitness endeavours.

having a naturally energetic and motivating personality, I love to challenge and inspire people to reach their physical and mental potential.  fitness doesn't end in the gym.  it is a mindset and a way of life.  I am honoured to be a part of that with you. :):)

In health & wellness,

Kristyn Davies

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June 2018 I was recently contacted by Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine and given the opportunity to submit some photos to compete for the next Ms. Health and Fitness and take home $20,000 and a 2-page spread.  I did just that, and was hand selected to move onto the next stage!!  I would greatly appreciate your vote!!  Please visit on June 19th at 2PM EDT and submit your vote! Thank you in advance!!! :)  (See below)

So excited to be collaborating with this amazing consulting firm!!  Please check it out! 

More info to come as this exciting endeavour unfolds!! :) visit

September 16th, 2017 Absolutely so honoured to have run this 5k mud-run/obstacle course with my client and friend Lyss.  She pushed herself to her absolute limits and we finished strong together!! Looking forward to doing many more of these types of races with you my little darling!!

I've been a Featured Member on Fitness Star Network for over 5 years! (second row down from the top, far right photo :-)

I was featured on the social media page of Oxygen Magazine!! :)

Please feel free to visit me on my YouTube channel as well as all other media handles.  Warning; I'm still a work in progress on YouTube so please bear with me LOL ;P

individualized program design & goal setting.

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