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Interested in learning more about Bodytuner360? Get in touch with me via my email address and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! :):)

Other Services & Types of Training include;

-Nutritional Counselling & Meal Planning

- Resistance Band training

- Agility & Endurance training

- TRX/suspension training

- Soccer Goalkeeper training

- Weight training

- HIIT/Tabata

- KinderYoga (ages 2 & up) My number one priority when it comes to instructing children is to first & foremost get them smiling :) I strive to make each 30 minute session fun and exciting through the use of interactive cards, stickers, miniature animal figurines & other props with the intension of making each stretch & pose something that your little ones will want to do again and again. Their smiles and giggles absolutely fill my soul with happiness and I always make sure to leave each child with a positive, self reflective energy about themselves in knowing that they've achieved something to be very proud of :)

I am more than happy to visit daycare locations or simply instruct a one-on-one "Mommy & Me" session here at my studio.

Price per each 30 minute session - $5 per child

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BT360 Christmas Package Deals sold like hotcakes this past season!! Thank you to all those who took advantage of this deal as I continue to see your smiling faces in my studio each week!!

(Annual Gift Offer) Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and along with it, tank top & shorts season!! ️ Giving the gift of health and fitness is not only a gift they’ll love, but also a gift that keeps giving. Whether you’re buying for a spouse, parent or friend who’s either a fitness enthusiast or beginner, here at BT360 they’ll be sure to achieve results & have fun while doing so. As your Canfitpro & YogaFit certified trainer, my goal is to not only promote healthy eating & functional fitness training, but to also promote a healthy lifestyle. Consistency in everything is absolutely key in attaining a long-term healthy, strong mind & body.

For a limited time, I’m offering a Special Mother’s Day package price of 10 one-on-one, 60 min personal training sessions for $35 each. ($350 per package) This includes initial assessment, dietary counselling & customized meal plan, customized training sessions geared to YOUR individual needs & goals, periodic weigh ins & measurements, fresh citrus or bottled water, etc.. Please email me at if you’re interested in purchasing one (or more) of these beautifully wrapped packages!

Free Consultations!

No obligation. Let's meet and discuss your fitness/wellness/weightloss goals and allow me to devise a program that will satisfy your needs and help you to achieve your ultimate endeavours.

Personal Training Sessions

Each 1hr session is $55 and includes one-on-one training. (Or $50 per session when purchasing a package of 10 or more sessions at once...see price list above) Individualized program cards are made specifically to suit your personal fitness needs and are varied each session. Meal planning and nutritional counselling are included. Periodic weigh-ins and measurements are suggested as a fundamental indication of your success.

YogaFit certification 2015 (above photo)

YogaFit Certification December 2017 with Paul Galloro (below)

Currently taking the Canfitpro Fascia, Movement & Assessments course. To be certified in early Spring of 2018. :)

Canfitpro’s Fascia, Movement and Assessment for Fitness Professionals, includes content from industry experts including Dr. Gregory Anderson, Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, Chris Frederick, Chad Benson, Mark Stone, and Brian Justin. Contained within is the most up to date information on current topics on mobility, fascia, and postural assessment.

This course allows me to hone my skills at anatomy concepts essential to understanding the complex interactions of fascia, ie; determining appropriate parameters for flexibility training & describing and recognizing the postural stress results of upper and lower crossed syndrome and more!!

Topics Include:

  • Anatomy Review (home study)

  • Mobility and Fascia (in-class)

  • Myofascial Systems (in-class)

  • Static Postural Assessment (in-class)

  • Dynamic Postural Assessment (in-class)


The Indo YogaFit Balance Board offers a challenging workout that is attainable by any level of yogi, yet still offers an intense core workout based in balance and strength training. COMING DECEMBER 2017!!!


Discover the practice of Hatha (Beginner) & Vinyasa (Intermediate) Yoga for improved health & wellbeing. As your Canfitpro Certified YogaFit Instructor, I am now offering classes in the flowing vinyasa yoga style that will teach you breathing techniques aimed at benefiting you both on & off the mat. Come and experience the unique method of YogaFit Yoga, a gentle yet powerful practice, whether you are completely new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner. $15 per 1hr session. Class sizes are limited so that I can ensure proper form with each individual client. Days & times vary monthly..... Please sign up by emailing me here! Thank you!


Experience the Barreworks technique of muscle sculpting, cardio, core conditioning, and deep stretching using the ballet barre for balance and stability. With a focus on safety and functional movement, posture and alignment, this type of workout will take your training to the next level.

With my certification complete in August, I will be introducing these classes in December 2017!! MORE INFO TO FOLLOW!! :)

- Bootcamp Class Sessions (Crossfit/HIIT oriented)

Train your face off for 30 minutes, $12 per session(pay as you go) Sessions take place bi-annually & partially outdoors (weather permitting) using battle ropes, kettlebells, wall balls, medicine balls, TRX, rings, agility ladder, tractor tire, plyo boxes, heavy bag, pull up bars, dip bars, resistance bands, weights, jump name it. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 6 students per session in order to ensure proper form and technique throughout each exercise SAFELY. Each 30 minute session will begin with approximately 5 minutes of cardio & ballistic stretching and finish with 5 minutes of post-session cool down stretching. Please email me at to reserve your spot today!

Are you ready for leaner, stronger muscles without the aid of weights? Resistance training is a healthy alternative to weight training in that it builds functional muscle and strength while addressing the flexibility of muscles protecting the fascia and preventing injuries like muscle and ligament tears. Resistance training has been proven to improve speed, strength, agility, stability, balance and endurance for peak athletic performance while reducing overall body fat. My January 2018 HIIT class features the unique ReXist360 resistance bands. These bands enhance every exercise in all planes of motion for a total body workout with an intense focus on core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs.

Visit for more info and testimonials on these bands & visit for more info on my services/rates, etc. Thanks & see you soon!!

BodyTuner is evolving....through continued learning and with the accumulation of new fitness & wellness certifications each season, I have developed a method of fitness & nutritional training & nurturing that will help you tap into the energy & support you need to fully realize your best self. Allow me to show you the mind/body connection that you may be overlooking & what could possibly be holding you back from attaining your best version of yourself. 

Annually certified in CPR in accordance with the standards of Canfitpro, the ILCOR CPR Consensus, Health Canada and HRSDC.

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