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(Of course I would LOVE to post photos of each and every one of my clients here as I am proud of absolutely everyone that sets foot through my door. It takes incredible courage and strength just to make the initial decision to commit to a healthier lifestyle and put their trust in me. The stories and visuals contained within these pages are just a few of the many amazing individuals I've been lucky enough to work with.)



This weight loss story is nothing short of amazing…and the same can be said for this very special lady who began her weight loss journey long before she began training with me. Her story is so motivational, I have no doubt that it will absolutely inspire & encourage others to start their weight loss journey and be SUCCESSFUL at reaching their fitness goals.

Amy came to see me in late January of this year (2017) with her primary goal being to lose at least 10lbs before April. Immediately upon meeting Amy, I was struck by her energetic, positive personality. Once we delved into her health & weight loss history, I knew I was dealing with someone who was up for the challenge. She is a tiny woman in stature, though extremely powerful both physically and mentally. Her ability to “think outside the box” has been critical in helping her lose weight and keep it off.

Let me explain what I mean….this is a woman who wakes up every morning at 4:30-5am and briskly walks approximately 5.5 km, sometimes longer. Having a buddy system during these early morning walks has helped her remain accountable…(although she’s SO focussed, she even makes the trek solo when necessary.) Once she gets home, her day has just begun as she usually meal preps for herself and her family, and then 3 times per week, she’s enroute to my studio for an hour of fitness. Upon completing her workout, she’s then off to work full time as manager at her family owned business.

Outside of being a wife and mom to twins, she also plays volleyball every week during the evenings when she’s not busy being a social butterfly…this all contributing to her ability to stay active and keep on track with her healthy meal plans.

We have been focussing on both strength training & cardio throughout each session. She’s built up her endurance level with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), scorching calories in the process, and we’ve also raised her metabolism by adding strength to her muscular anatomy using everything from stability training with the TRX system to plyometrics, weights, TUT & resistance training…you name it, we’ve done it. This combination of training has maximised Amy’s daily caloric burn and toned and tightened specific areas of her body. This has been another key factor in Amy’s success…keeping the body guessing by always changing things up both intensity and muscle group-wise.

We began taking measurements on Feb.6, 2017 and by March 3rd Amy had lost a total of 8 ¼” overall body size, (in less than a month!!!) and she’s also lost 9lbs and counting.

The largest hurdle when it comes to weight loss is always diet. Anyone can pay me hourly to coach them in fitness and prepare their meal plans…FOLLOWING that meal plan and finding healthy alternatives for perhaps not-so-healthy previous choices is 90% of the battle. And Amy has conquered that….and then some. Cutting out that mindless “picking” at food throughout the day is a major obstacle for many of us. Simply substituting some sugary foods for healthier, equally satisfying snacks and following her meal/dietary guidelines has made a huge difference for Amy.

Keeping busy in the evenings and on weekends and surrounding herself with like-minded friends and family has also helped Amy immensely, along with knowing the importance of a good nights sleep and retiring early each night.

There is that saying…”it takes a village”…and I’m certainly very familiar with this when it comes to dealing with weight loss goals. I am only one very small component in anyone’s weight loss journey. My job is to provide a very specific fitness and dietary guideline for each individual with whom I’m lucky enough to work with and then educate, coach, motivate, inspire, and cheer as loud as my voice will allow…but ultimately it is up to each individual to be true to themselves and it takes an incredible amount of willpower and dedication to succeed. I am honoured and so very pleased to tell you that Amy has done it. And she continues to conquer her goals. 

Congratulations Amy!!! So proud of you and so very lucky to know you and to be a part of this journey with you. I know your story will truly inspire and motivate others throughout their fitness and weight loss journeys.



4 WEEK PROGRESS REPORT (April 2016) OUTSTANDING results from this woman this month!!! I am lucky enough to call this beautiful lady my friend and am so incredibly proud of her. She has overcome so many obstacles and just keeps getting stronger both physically & mentally each time I see her. Although I have always admired her for her work ethic and great personality, she has totally blown me away with her determination & dedication to her health & fitness. Kathy came to me in early March to discuss her fitness & wellness goals and I'm honoured to say that she put her trust in me and has not wavered ONE INCH from her meal plans & 3 day per week fitness regimen since then. She's been incredibly focussed and LOST AN OVERALL OF 12 1/4 INCHES in 4 WEEKS. Each week I put her through some gruelling strength, resistance & cardio training, all focussed around the goal of functional anatomy, and her gains are not only visible but tangible as well. She has not missed one session with me and continues to get extra cardio in whenever she can, all while managing her own business & being a great mom, family woman & friend. She puts in the time each evening to organize her meals for the next day and shows up to each training session with a smile and a positive outlook that is second to none. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my friend and MY inspiration, Kathy Kostyk-Morningstar you are one AMAZING woman. You motivate me to be a better person and you light up every space that you grace. 😇 CHEERS TO YOU Nemo. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

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