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New at BT360!! Designated side entrance directly into BT360 studio. Come in and warm up or relax and take a seat!!

Also new at BT360! There is now a designated cardio room for warm-ups. :):) (see below)


In the works * BT360 eBook * 8 Week Full Body at Home Training Plan

using Bodyweight & Resistance Band exercises


- Detailed workout plans using isolated activation to prime your muscle groups pre-workout (warm-ups & cool-downs also included)

- Workouts broken down into specific muscle groups on specific days - Concentration on a balanced, functional physique implementing HIIT, strength, stability & flexibility training

- Illustrations & in depth descriptions of each exercise - Modifications for beginner to advanced fitness levels - Periodic measurement chart/self assessment guide

- Brief nutritional guide - Accountability coaching

More info to come as this project transpires!

  Unlock the hidden potential in your body and mind. Join today and witness the mind, body & spirit transform. With regular practice your body will become stronger & more flexible, you will have increased energy and your mind will become calm. Yoga is a path to inner peace. You don’t need to be naturally flexible to acquire the inner benefits of yoga. This is the perfect time & place to begin your yoga journey. Join me in my quiet, candlelit home studio and unite body, mind & wellness with YogaFit vinyasa-style yoga classes.

Beginner, intermediate & advanced classes $15 per session - Pay as you go - Times & Dates will be posted in April of 2018. Email me at to reserve your spot today!!! :)

Why Train Here?

Kristyn Davies is the owner and operator of BodyTuner360 Fitness Studio. She's been involved in fitness and athletics since the age of five, including competitive/travelling soccer, gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, dance and track & field. Along with these sports, she decided to incorporate her own personal fitness regimen consisting of long distance running and weight training at the age of 14, and has remained consistent since then. As a graduate of Radio, Television & Film Broadcasting, she achieved an award in Directing & graduated with honours, as well as achieved a graduate certificate in Business Management, both proving significant assets with regards to the media/marketing & business aspect of her Fitness & Wellness career. Her most recent achievements include running the 5k Mudmoiselle Mud Run/Obstacle Course in Guelph, the 5k MudGirl course in Binbrook & the 5k Rugged Maniac course in Kitchener with a client & friend, playing keeper for the Niagara Regional Division in the North American Police & Fire Services Soccer Tournament, placing 2nd overall, annually attending the Canfitpro World Fitness Expo as well as acquiring certifications in the following; Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist, YogaFit Yoga Instructor & ReXist360 HIIT Instructor. She is a devoted advocate of volunteer work within the community as well, having coached minor boys & girls soccer and achieved many certificates within her volunteer firefighting & emergency services career. Kristyn is a true believer in positive reinforcement, not just in her training and coaching, but in life in general. Quite simply, she believes in the adage "you get what you give". Her passion has always been centered within the health & fitness industry and she is known among her clients for her happy, light-hearted approach; her goal is to make healthy living & fitness enjoyable to everyone.

Please join Kristyn as she hosts & instructs weekly yoga classes, one-on-one personal training sessions, seasonal bootcamps & running clinics as well as customised nutritional health & wellness coaching, all within a non-judgmental, intimate, fitness studio environment. :)

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