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Construction has begun and there will soon be a room designated for cardio warmups!  This is also freeing up space for new equipment to be installed.  A new entrance & waiting room is also on the way this Spring!! 

COMING 2018  

In the works * BT360 eBook * 8 Week Full Body at Home Training Plan

using Bodyweight & Resistance Band exercises 


- Detailed workout plans using isolated activation to prime your muscle groups pre-workout (warm-ups & cool-downs also included)

- Workouts broken down into specific muscle groups on specific days - Concentration on a balanced, functional physique implementing HIIT, strength, stability & flexibility training

- Illustrations & in depth descriptions of each exercise - Modifications for beginner to advanced fitness levels - Periodic measurement chart/self assessment guide

- Brief nutritional guide - Accountability coaching 

More info to come as this project transpires!

  Unlock the hidden potential in your body and mind. Join today and witness the mind, body & spirit transform. With regular practice your body will become stronger & more flexible, you will have increased energy and your mind will become calm. Yoga is a path to inner peace. You don’t need to be naturally flexible to acquire the inner benefits of yoga. This is the perfect time & place to begin your yoga journey. Join me in my quiet, candlelit home studio and unite body, mind & wellness with YogaFit vinyasa-style yoga classes.

Beginner, intermediate & advanced classes $15 per session - Pay as you go - Times & Dates will be posted in April of 2018.  Email me at to reserve your spot today!!! :)